kushinadattebane asked: *occasionaly wanders around in a cute night dress , forgetting that is wearing it and just continues to do chores around the house, singing...*
    yondammnn replied:

    [/sneaks up behind her to give her a kiss]

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  2. Anonymous asked: interviewing aru- " Doggie style or missionary, Namikaze-san? This is a study we're doing from Konoha men's choices!"
    yondammnn replied:

    A cough, followed by a blush that stains his cheeks an almost purple, and Minato turns away.

    "That is highly inappropriate."



    Disclaimer: These are technically SFW, they are however as they are innuendos they can be interpreted however you want… have fun!

    • "It’s so big!"
    • "Are you sure it’s going to fit?"
    • "You’re being too rough."
    • "I’m not fragile, you don’t have to be so gentle."
    • "Wrong hole!"
    • "I’m dripping wet."
    • "Don’t get it in my hair."
    • "It won’t stop squirting."
    • "Bend over."
    • "I’m never getting on my knees for you again."
    • "You’re really hitting the spot."
    • "Yes! Yes! Oh Yes!"
    • "You’re going to break me."
    • "Are you sure two fingers is enough?"
    • "Take it."
    • "Is that it?"
    • "That didn’t last very long…"
    • "I didn’t know it would get that hard."
    • "Just put it in!"
    • "Right there."
    • "Who taught you how to aim.
    • "Hit it really deep."
    • "We might as well go out with a bang."
    • "What’s that pressing against my back?"
    • "I got it in my eye."
    • "Harder… no, faster."
  4. kushinadattebane asked: *appears out of nowhere and hug attacks him from behind* " Mi-na-to!~" (hi?been hiding for years i guess..)
    yondammnn replied:


    kushinadattebane asked: " Ehh? Oi, wake up! It was just a poke'ttebane! " *slaps face
    miles-xanthous replied:


    "I think you broke her,Miss Kushina."

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